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Thursday, February 25, 2016

handmade wardrobe progress

Since I mostly knit, I tend to forget how gratifying sewing is. You can finish a garment in a few hours! With that in mind, and considering I have quite a bit of time on my hands, I spent a day last week finishing some old projects and starting/finishing some new ones. In all, 4 Wiksten Tanks were made and 1 Linden Sweatshirt

One of these tanks (the one with the knit print) was originally cut long enough to be a dress, but because I don't know how to choose fabric it was way to clingy and impossible to wear to so I cut it into a top. The paisley tank was made from a vintage dress I bought for my 20th birthday. It hasn't gotten any wear (though I love the print!) since my style has changed so I figured, might as well turn it into something wearable again. 

One of the final two tanks was cut from a cute vintage sheet and the other from some tiny heart print fabric. The tiny heart tank is for Andy, as is the sweatshirt. I made her a Linden over the holidays and she loved it so much I couldn't resist making another for her. 

Almost as exciting as finishing a bunch of garments in one go is not having to have purchased anything to do so. Since we're now on a fixed budget I don't have any extra dollars to spend on supplies. All of these things were made with my fabric stash or repurposed from other garments. I guess I have past Jamie to thank for storing just enough of a stash to keep me occupied through these meager times. 

I love these patterns. They're quick, cute, and definitely staples in my/our wardrobes. Plus, I was able to whittle down my stash which is always a good thing. All in all, I'd say it was a day well spent. Now I just gotta keep this sewing mojo going. Maybe use all my scraps to learn how to sew quilt blocks?

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