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Saturday, January 9, 2016

socks and goals

Since my last post I've finished 2 projects and pretty much frogged the rest. I finally found a plain, vanilla sock pattern that I love and am newly inspired to knit socks! Since both of the cowl things I was working on don't really suit my style I'm going to use all of that glorious fingering weight yarn to fuel operation sock drawer 2016. Below is the first sock drawer entry of the year, frogged from the last post and re-knit with more love.

In addition to operation sock drawer 2016, I have a few other making goals in mind for the new year.

goal 1: spin and knit the 2 lbs. of roving Andy got me for Christmas into a sweater
goal 2: spend some time cultivating and recording my projects on this here blog
goal 3: sew more! (less vaguely: sew more tops for myself and Andy + keep a handle on the mending pile)

I'm looking forward to 2016 and excited to spend more time here with you! 

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