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Friday, December 18, 2015

works in progress

The semester is over and I finally have some time to sift through the projects I've been collecting over the past few months. I've never been one for monogamous knitting but my WIP basket is becoming just a little overwhelming. It's not even a basket at this point, it's a basket and 4 bags. Which brings me to my intention in writing this post: 1. catalog all of the things I'm working on 2. hold myself accountable to actually finish them since they won't be out of sight out of mind anymore.
**apologies for the poor quality fotos, the lighting is terrible here**

So then...the list...

  • Kaye's Cardigan
  • Baby Guernsey
  • Starshower
  • Lila Light
  • Bracken
  • Picot Socks
  • Fino Circle Scarf

First there's Kaye's Cardigan. I'm so, so close to finishing this one. All that's left are the sleeves and sewing on the buttons. Next to that is Lila Light. Not much to say about that's still very much in progress. 

Now the little things: Picot Socks, Starshower cowl, and Fino Circle Scarf. The two projects on either end have been in progress for a while now, there hasn't been a rush to finish them (especially Fino, it's been hanging out in my office since August). That cowl is almost finished though! I've only got one more repeating lace band left to go. 

Finally the baby sweaters. On the right is Bracken and next to that is Baby Guernsey. I might have cast on that Bracken pattern yesterday...with Baby Guernsey almost finished it seemed okay. But regardless little ones need warm sweaters for the winter season! 

7 projects is a lot, but totally finish-able! I think I'm going to finish Baby Guernsey first to send off to it's new home. After that I'm not sure what'll be next but I promise that I won't cast on anything new until I finish these things first. 

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