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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

small: handmade

"My Side of the Mountain" was my favorite book as a kid. I dreamed of living among the trees in a hollowed out log with a pet falcon throughout my childhood and teens, and to be honest I still have fantasies of homesteading someday in the future. In the scenarios of log living that would play out in my young mind I would make my own fishing hooks, tan and then sew the leather that would become my shoes or clothes, and weave mats of pine needles to sleep on. Sam Gribley was my idol and in some ways I was able to live out aspects of my fantasies (like whittling and sourcing plant matter for dying or eating) during the many, many camping trips my family would take all over the West-Coast. Considering these childhood dreams and experiences, I suppose that the interest I have developed as an adult in creating a handmade and sustainably simple life isn't really a surprise. 

Like Z over at Quixotic Thread, I've considered myself a hand-maker and knitter since my teens but I never actually produced anything handmade or knit up until recently. This recent interest in creating larger knit garments coupled with my burgeoning knowledge of fiber sourcing and processing has come at an opportune time. In some ways I am appreciative that 16 year old Jamie didn't begin filling closets full of sweaters because she didn't know about the importance of using quality materials, nor would she have been able to access those materials. But now, with the help of the internet and a full time job, I have the time and resources to begin a mindful (re)cultivation of my wardrobe.

Committing to creating a handmade wardrobe has not only given me the ability to chose what it is that my clothes are made of but also where I can purchase materials that suite my needs. As per my goals for this month, I've chosen to cast on Kaye's Cardigan in Quince and Co. Lark. This is my first time knitting with Quince and Co. yarn and after reading so many good things across the blogosphere about their brand and their "100% American, 100% Natural, 100% Squishy" assurance I feel confident in my choice of having this be my official Slow Fashion October cardigan and a first step towards a wardrobe that is sustainably simple & handmade.

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