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Friday, October 9, 2015

small part 2: locally produced uniform

If you were to ask me what my uniform is, a single word would come to mind. That word is sweater. I wear cardigans and pullovers everyday of the week, year round. I even sleep in them sometimes (I call those my "sleeping cardigans"). So when speaking of my own wardrobe I say no thanks to a well rounded closet and yes please to sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters.

There are two sweaters on my needles right now, Pasture & Kaye's Cardigan. I'm not at a point in either project to justify casting on another but I have already begun to plan what will come next.

© amrisu/carrie bostick hoge/brooklyn tweed - jared flood
The first sweater in my queue is Flaum. I love everything about this sweater. Everything. I love the collar, the pockets, the ribbing, it's just so cozy looking. Next up is Hypatia. I've been planning on making this cardigan for at least a year and I don't know what has been keeping me from starting it. What I like most about Hypatia is the sideways stockinette stitch which makes it look like a garter stitch garment (I'm a big fan of garter stitch for the record) but it's much fancier! Finally, there's Docklight. This will be my most ambitious project to date. Aesthetically, the Fisherman's Rib/lace combination is a win. I have always been drawn to cabled sweaters but when wearing them I feel like a bloated marshmallow thus making the delicate appearance of Docklight very appealing. 

© northcoast knittery/sincere sheep
And while we're at it, what would sweater planning be without some yarn planning? For these projects I'm thinking small. I want to use yarn that isn't just purchased locally, but also produced locally. So far I'm considering Lost Coast Aran Weight and Sincere Sheep Shepherdess Worsted for all three of these upcoming projects. Both are ethically and sustainably produced and both are located here in Northern California (they're also both carried by my LYS, triple threat!). Since my favorite colors are browns, greens, and creams I'm also digging the earthy color ways available.

Locally sourced yarns, beautiful patterns, and a few steps closer to the sweater closet of my dreams. If there's one thing this weeks Slotober theme has helped me recognize it's to think small and local, I plan on continuing to research locally produced materials for future projects. Now to go free up some needle space...

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