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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

summer reading

I’m not sure if I really believed Andy when she told me what life after university would be like. It’s not that what she said sounded totally out of this world, it’s just that I’ve lived in the land of homework for so long that I didn’t quite know where to fit her stories of post-university life into my brain. It was impossible for me to really understand what nights without homework would be like while I was still doing homework every. single. night.

Well, countless assignments, projects, papers, and a thesis later and I made it. I’m officially in the post-university world. Boy does it feel good. Andy sure wasn’t lying; having free time is so awesome. When I’m done teaching and prepping for my class, I can turn my brain off. No more worrying about keeping up with class readings or weird peer interactions in class. I can sit down, turn on Golden Girls, and do whatever I want. Knit, read, daydream, work in the garden: the world is my oyster!

Anyways! For the first time in a long time I’ve been able to choose my own reading list. As a grad student I read a lot and didn’t have the time to read anything other than what I was assigned. So many books I’ve wanted to read had to sit and wait for me to graduate before I could pick them up. Since I have the time now I went ahead and chose 8 books for my summer reading list. Maybe that’s a little ambitious but what the heck, I’ll get to them all eventually!

I’ve completed Teaching Critical Thinking already and am halfway through Interviews/Entrevistas. So far they’ve both been great reads. As a queer scholar, teacher, and activist the words of bell hooks and Gloria Anzaldúa always resonate with me. While Teaching Critical Thinking is written for an audience of educators, Interviews/Entrevistas is written for a less specific audience so if you like to read memoirs I would recommend it. As a matter of fact, I think everyone should read as much of Gloria Anzaldúa as possible so don’t stop at  Interviews/Entrevistas, pick up Borderlands: La Frontera and Haciendo Caras while you’re at it ;)

Warning: I’m a kind of a theory nerd (of the feminist, queer, & critical race variety) so apologies in advance for the heady posts that might crop up here and there over the summer.

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