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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

starting over. starting fresh.

The idea of keeping a blog has always appealed to me. As a teenager (which honestly wasn't that long ago) I had a variety of livejournal accounts in which I tracked my melodramatic entry into adulthood. Though I deleted and created new spaces at will, what remained constant was the community in which I was participating. It was a community of painters, photographers, high school friends, and generally people who I aspired to be like; a community in which I looked to for inspiration in the wake of teenage self-definition. Of course at 15 years old I wasn't sophisticated enough to understand that it was the community aspect of online journal keepers and bloggers that kept me motivated to be an active member in that space. But from where I stand now I can look back and reflect on/realize the importance of this simultaneously distant and intimate community has to a shy and introverted person like me. From the comfort of my home I can participate in larger conversations that I would be far to anxious to join in on if I had to do it in person.

It is with this spirit, the spirit of community participating, that I am hoping to keep this blog alive. However, the unfortunate reality for me is that I either lack the confidence or awareness (maybe both) to be a "lifestyle" blogger. Thus I plan on keeping this as a log of my creative projects and passions. It might not be very cute all of the time, but hey - we all need to start somewhere.

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